advance films is able to offer a bespoke international consultancy service offering support in the following areas:

strategic planning within the film industry

feature film project development, financing and distribution

management of production schemes and funds

design and delivery of training, support and professional development courses and programs

consultations can happen both in person and online


David Pope delivers Story Development sessions for Kinoteka / LFA Screenwriting Lab.

In April David Pope delivered story development sessions as part of the  Kinoteka / LFA Sreenwriting Lab. David tutored alongside Ivana Mckinnon (Slumdog Millionaire) , Academy Award winner Pawal Pawlikowski (Ida, My Summer of Love ) and Peter Strickland (Berberian Sound Studio, Duke of Burgandy)

Script Development Clients January 2015

During the first month of 2015 advance films has attracted feature film and television drama script development clients from Italy, Estonia, Mexico and United States.

David Pope chairs Producers Masterclass for BAFTA

David Pope chairing producers masterclass in July for BAFTA with: Kate Ogborn – The Spirit of ’45, This is England, The Deep Blue Sea. Jim Wilson – Attack the Block, Under the Skin, 20,000 Days on Earth. Damian Jones – The Iron Lady, Kidulthood, History Boys


David Pope Lead Script Tutor at Film TEEP Bucharest in May

In May David Pope acted as Lead Script Tutor at the four day Film TEEP workshop in Bucharest. He contributed one to one script meetings and lectures to the feature film project based scheme.


David Pope contributes to design and delivery of Story Campus in association with Screen Training Ireland.

In February, for the third year, David Pope contributed to the  design and delivery of Story Campus at Jameson Dublin International Film Festival in association with Screen Training Ireland. A two day Screenwriters Lab saw ten international advisors meet one to one with twenty screenwriters and deliver masterclasses.

David Pope, Terry McMahon, Juanita Wilson and Lauren Mackenzie during panel discussion on Character Development at Story Campus

Development Services

In autumn 2013 David Pope from advance films delivered story development services for the Estonian Film Institute and the National Theatre in London and contributed to the final evaluations for the MEGA producers programme at The Media Business School in Ronda, Spain.

advance films is a collaborating company partner with the Media Business School Spain.

In August, as part of advance films relationship with the Media Business School in Spain, David Pope contributed to the Creative Content Evaluation process for the projects of the producer participants of MEGA 2013.



David Pope delivers workshop at New Horizons Studio, Wroclaw, Poland.

David Pope delivering workshop at New Horizons Studio


During July, in Wroclaw Poland, David Pope delivered  workshops and took one to one meetings with participants of the New Horizons Studio in association with London Film Academy, Polish Film Institute and MEDIA.


David Pope contributes workshops to Kinoteka Studio

For three days in March David Pope was running workshop sessions and facilitating at Kinoteka Studio for writer directors working on their first feature projects. Other contributors included Michael Radford, Agnieszka Holland and Jan Harlan. Hosted by London Film Academy.

Kinoteka Studio 2013. Pitching Workshop.

Kinoteka Studio 2013. Delivering Conversation About Stories workshop.

Kinoteka Studio 2013. In Conversation With Michael Radford.

Kinoteka Studio 2013. In Conversation with Michael Radford.

Kinoteka Studio 2013. Facilitating Directing Workshop With Agnieszka Holland.

Kinoteka Studio 2013. Facilitating Directing Workshop with Agnieszka Holland.

David Pope collaborates on Story Campus at JDIFF 2013

In February 2013 David Pope from advance films together with director David Keating designed and delivered the second Story Campus at Jameson International Film Festival. Day one included a keynote conversation with Robert Towne (Chinatown, The Last Detail, Shampoo) and online contributions from David Magee (Life of Pi) and Agnieszka Holland (In Darkness). Day two saw twenty selected  projects presented to industry guests.

Story Campus was delivered in partnership with with Jameson International Film Festival, Screen Training Ireland, Media and The National Film School at IADT.

David Pope in conversation with Robert Towne.


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